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Easy CRF :
4 features
  • Get your electronic crf from paper or electronic data files
  • Have a PDF of your CRF
  • Have automatic export data to SPSS, SAS and Excel
  • Monitoring emails (registration, login, alerts inconsistency, queries, reminders of due dates)
  • Login and encrypted passwords
  • Servers Secure Access
  • Traceability of data: monitoring all changes
  • Consistency of data with defined rules for dates (example: date of outcome earlier that date of diagnosis)
  • Twice-daily data backup
Reduced cost
  • The cost depends on the size of your CRF and its complexity.
  • Getting your online eCRF in 15 days (average noted)
  • Hotline available 24/24 7/7
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"Pump up your clinical trials"

Easy CRF creates your eCRFs (electronic Case Report Forms) for the data collection in clinical research. Anyone connected to the internet can fill out these eCRFs. This method is time-saving and improves the quality of data thanks to the online detection of inconsistencies in data entry (date, values of digits).The printable version of the eCRF is also available.
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